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Reduce Hair with the Sheer Wave 360 Laser

The Sheer Wave 360 hair removal system utilizes advanced light technologies based on proven science to reduce the amount of hair. With our state of the art equipment we can treat almost every hair color and skin type with long term results. Areas to be treated determine the number of treatments required and cost. We will be happy to discuss this with you at your no cost consultation. 6 or more treatments needed.


About our waxing services

Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using products from their dermatologist (Retina A, Accutane, etc.), as skin can be more sensitive. Also anyone using any over the counter topical exfoliates, please advise your wax therapist.

iPureMed Spa’s skin care specialists offer a choice of two different types of wax for the face and body. Both types of wax are formulated for sensitive skin types.

Our extremely gentle soft wax is applied thinly on the skin and removed with a soft muslin strip. This type of wax is recommended for large areas of the body such as: arms, legs, back and chest. This wax is recommended even for the most sensitive skin.

Our French hard wax is applied onto the skin and once cooled is removed alone without a strip. This type of wax is a cooler temperature and very gentle on the skin. Recommended for smaller areas with coarse hair, and specially for Brazilian waxing.

We have strict sanitary procedures in our waxing techniques, and we do NOT “double dip”. You can feel safe and assured with your waxing service at iPure Med Spa.

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